LOL: Lena Dunham Shares Her Halloween Costume "Disasters"

Lena Dunham is all of us, guys. Not unlike many a modern-day woman, Dunham has a storied history of not-so-savory Halloween costumes, from the time she was a tiny tyke to her self-professedly unglamorous college days. 

Dunham had the guts to share photos of said costumes on her site Lenny Letter, and we thank her for this kind of transparency. She's a braver woman than most—who else would be brazen enough to openly share photos of herself as a college freshman in a rayon mermaid costume, painted face and all? We salute you, Lena.

"The most successful Halloween costumes are classic but topical, sexy but funny, not too ugly and not too obscure, perfect conversation starters and ideal photo-ops," Dunham writes"I am not telling you this because I am a Halloween genius with wisdom to spare. I am telling you this because I have spent 29 years failing at Halloween."

And thus it begins. Keep scrolling to see a few of our favorite costumes from Lena Dunham's Halloween archives, then head to Lenny Letter to see the rest! (And shop some of our favorite costumes too!)

Dunham as a mermaid 

Dunham as a "fancy lady"

Dunham as Medusa

What are your most embarrassing Halloween costumes ever? Tell us below!