Princess Diana's Former Stylist Says This Is a Major Fashion Mistake

As proven by her unwavering elegance, Princess Diana clearly had impeccable taste, but that's not to say that she didn't have a little help in the sartorial department. And that help came via her longtime stylist Anna Harvey, who was the fashion director of British Vogue when she was chosen to consult the most famous woman in the world at the time.

Harvey, now an author and The Telegraph's Timeless Style columnist, recently shared via the publication all about how to choose the best shorts, and something she said at the end of the piece really caught our attention. Harvey said of the shorts faux pas that she thinks is perhaps most important of all, "Choose a pair made from a non-stretchy fabric such as cotton, which will not cling in all the wrong places, particularly around the crotch area." Harvey added that the same rule applies to trousers and that there's "nothing less attractive than seeing a woman tugging at her trousers to release the crotch-clutch." Can't argue with that.

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