What Paris Fashion Week is Really Like, According to Leandra Medine

Leandra Medine of Man Repeller has been on our bookmarks list forever—her witty fashion commentary and off-beat personal style is what keeps us coming back for more. She’s laugh-out-loud funny, has a fresh eye on trends, and serves as a reminder that fashion is meant to be fun.

On our daily trawl this morning, we found Medine’s detailed account of ‘A Day In The Life’ at Paris fashion week—except it’s the whole week rounded-up into one day. After a month of travelling around looking at clothes, it all starts to feel like Groundhog Day.

Keep scrolling to see what Paris Fashion Week as a blogger is really like.

There’s a lot of walking involved.


Shot By Gio

WHO: Leandra Medine

“According to my health app, I walked 20,000 steps this day. Victory. To finish off the walk, I crossed the bridge to head back to my hotel where, with an hour to spare, I grabbed my laptop, thought about coming downstairs, changed my mind and remained nestled in my duplex bedroom in a pair of brocade baggy pants and a white blouse.”

You get free stuff.



WHAT: Sonia Rykiel S/S 16

“There was a Sonia Rykiel show and an Esteban Cortazar show. Both held on the left side of this city, both featuring loads of sparkle. We got free sweaters at Rykiel and a look at one insanely cool lamé high-low knit at Cortazar.”

The day doesn’t end at 5pm.


Leandra Medine in Vita Kin

WHO: Leandra Medine in Vita Kin

Mira Duma was hosting this amazing Russian and Ukrainian designer event. I saw Vita Kin, of amazing peasant dress fame and this new designer called Litkovskaya, which I am really into.

We stayed for exactly 58 minutes and then took a taxi to Hotel Costes where we met Rosie Assoulin, who had just landed and ate so much salmon.”

You spend all of your time scrolling something.



WHAT: Chanel S/S 16

“I fast forwarded about 36 hours to this very moment, where I sit in a breakfast room, texting about last night’s Saint Laurent fiasco, scrolling through Instagram with another tab currently open on my browser watching as what seems like the whole of humanity Instagram the Chanel show invite.

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Would you like to spend a week as a blogger? Or does it sound too busy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!