Leandra Medine on Getting Dressed: "I Feel Like an Insecure Shell of Myself"

Leandra Medine Opinions on Capsule Wardrobe



In what can be a very superficial industry, what we love most about Leandra Medine is her ability to articulate what's on every fashion girl's mind without a filter. Never afraid to say what she thinks, Medine recently penned an article for her blog Man Repeller around something we can all relate to: Whether or not building a tightly edited capsule wardrobe is actually possible.

According to the post, Medine was interviewed by British Vogue earlier this year for a closet tour in which she explained what her ideal wardrobe would look like. According to the It girl, her "ideal" goal was a closet of no more than 15 pieces. She went on to list specific pieces, including:

Medine has since realised that though the idea of a capsule wardrobe (such as the above) appeals to her, these typically nondescript items "say nothing" and make her feel "like an insecure shell of [herself]". While staple pieces are often thought of as preferential when building a wearable wardrobe, Medine says it is her signature "bombastic clothes and superfluous shoes and rollicking jewellery" that make her feel most like herself. 

It seems as if fashion's obsession with all things minimal and monochromatic might be waning, with digital fashion editor, Carmen Hamiltonchanging up her style this year to embrace pink fur coats, red satin dresses, and denim patchwork. After all, fashion is meant to be experimented with.

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