This Fashion Fact About Léa Seydoux Will Blow Your Mind

All eyes are on French actress Léa Seydoux right now: She stars alongside Daniel Craig in the newest James Bond film, Spectre, which hits theaters tomorrow. And though her red carpet looks have been turning plenty of heads, it's her newest interview that's captured our attention the most right now. 

Seydoux chatted with Net-a-Porter's The Edit about her new role and revealed that she happens to have a very famous family friend: Christian Louboutin, who was even at the hospital when Seydoux was born. He also designed her first pair of shoes. "He's someone I really love, deeply," she told The Edit about Louboutin. When asked whether he knew she would be famous, she responded, "Not at all! For him, I was always just this little blond baby. I think he was surprised by my success. Astonished by it." 

Sigh. If only we could have family friends in such high places. Scroll down to shop our favorite picks from Christian Louboutin! 

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