The One Piece of Advice You'll Never Hear From This Celeb Stylist

If there were any hard-and-fast rules about dressing based on your age, Law Roach would be the expert. The celebrity stylist has most notably been the creative behind Zendaya's consistent shut-it-down red carpet wins, first collaborating with her when she was 14 years old. But in more recent years, he’s also been partnering with pop stars like Ariana Grande and helped Celine Dion carve out her unique place among millennial street style stars. But sadly, if you’re looking for tips about what to wear based on your birth year, it’s not going to happen. Because, as the major fashion visionary tells us, dressing for your age is just not a thing.

We met Roach in Hong Kong, where he joined us to celebrate the start of Grande’s ambassadorship with Reebok. It may seem like that's above and beyond the work of most stylists, but for Roach, it makes sense because A) he genuinely loves and is devoted to his closest collaborators, and B) no one’s a bigger fan of athletic gear. “Honestly, athleisure is one of my favorite trends,” he tells us.

As for how to put it together, again, Roach says there aren’t too many rules to follow. Instead, along with his frank take on how he dresses clients of all ages, this stylist debunked two other fashion myths that we all need to stop buying into. Below are the key takeaways we learned from one of the coolest stylists currently changing the game.

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This press trip was paid for by Reebok. Editors' opinions are their own.