The Ring Designer That Changed My Mind About Engagement Rings

Between working in fashion and getting to that age when a slew of my girlfriends are getting engaged, I’ve become increasingly aware of the world of engagement rings. Carats, cut, clarity, oh my!

While I find classic styles pretty and certainly sparkly, most traditional rings never quite delighted me the way other pieces of jewelry have. There was one point when I even questioned if I wanted an engagement ring. In the age of the Instagram engagement ring selfie, the whole comparison game was quite off-putting to me. What’s the right move when a ring that’s deemed too big seems ostentatious and a too-small ring attracts pity? Not to mention, I liked the Vogue-approved idea of wearing just a wedding band.

I didn’t expect my ambivalent feelings about engagement rings to change, but that was before I discovered Lauren Wolf’s designs. Her untraditional rings have a rough-hewn, natural quality that I adore. The unusual baubles feel like rings I would normally wear, making them seem less intimidating than a classic engagement ring. The designer also has an impressive talent for stacking her pieces with other designers’ rings for a cool layered effect (see some of her stacks below), which seems like a fashion forward way to take some of the attention off of the engagement ring.

Scroll down to check them out, and let me know your thoughts on engagement rings in the comments below!

Would you ever opt for a non-traditional engagement ring? Or do you think it's smarter to opt for a more timeless, classic engagement ring? Let us know in the comments below!