This Is Why You Won't See Lauren Conrad in Maternity Clothes

As you're probably well aware, Lauren Conrad announced her pregnancy with the cutest Instagram on New Year's Day. Since then, we've only gotten a few peeks of her maternity style, but thanks to a new blog post she wrote for, we have more insight into her pregnancy outfit choices. As it turns out, she's actually not a fan of traditional maternity clothes.

"I'm sure that toward the end of my pregnancy, purchasing at least a few maternity pieces will be unavoidable," Conrad wrote on her site. "But so far, I'm trying to make do without buying tons of expensive maternity clothes that I'll only wear for a few short months. Instead, I've been donning flowy silhouettes, stretchy fabrics, and other pieces from my everyday wardrobe that can accommodate my baby bump." It definitely makes sense: Why not opt for pieces that you can continue wearing post-pregnancy? Conrad seems to have mastered maternity style already.

Scroll down to shop three of Lauren Conrad's non-maternity picks for dressing a baby bump, and head over to her blog to see her full roundup.

If you've been pregnant, how did you tackle maternity style? Tell us in the comments below!