Lauren Conrad Never Wears This to a Wedding

Lauren Conrad’s timing couldn’t be any better. After all, “save the date” cards and invitations are just beginning to trickle in for everything from weddings to dinner parties and everything in between. With spring just around the corner, there’s also a promise of nights out that don’t require a jacket and impromptu after-work drinks on the closest rooftop bar. Thankfully, with all this in mind, LC’s Dress Up Shop has just arrived today at Kohl’s.

The line is Conrad’s latest way to offer up affordable, sophisticated, and pretty styles that are perfect for every RSVP you have. And to get a better idea of Conrad’s new collection, we chatted one-on-one with the designer and style savant. Because if one thing’s for certain, despite an upcoming fine jewelry launch and waiting for her family to grow by one more this year, Conrad knows her way around a party. 

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