The Jeans Lauren Conrad Is Giving Up Her Skinnies For

She may not be discarding them forever, but Lauren Conrad is tucking away her skinny jeans in favor of an updated classic. In her website’s This Season’s Staples series, Conrad gives us a peek at her closet wardrobe staples getting a modern makeover this season. The newest installment tackles denim, one of the hardest things to shop for and one of the few basics that transcend seasons. She notes that like many of us, she’s been loyal to skinny jeans for some time but is currently coveting a ’70s-style bell-bottoms. Her new favorite silhouette is partially inspired by one of spring’s biggest trends, but Conrad adds that the style is suited for women of all heights, noting that “paired with a slightly cropped top and platform heels, this look will actually elongate your stature.” So whether you have gazelle-like legs or a petite stature, it might be time to give flared jeans a chance.

Check out Lauren Conrad’s new favorite denim silhouette below, and keep scrolling for styles inspired by it.

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Opening Image: @laurenconrad