Why Your Regular Detergent Doesn't Really Clean Your Workout Clothes

After a tough workout, your go-to gear doesn’t exactly smell as pretty as you feel. Tossing it in the laundry seems to be the solution, but all too often, clothes come out smelling musty (you know what we’re talking about).

If you’ve ever wondered why exactly that is, the answer lies in the fact that athletic wear (or athleisure, if we’re being honest) is a fairly new phenomenon. Laundry detergent formulas were designed to work with cotton, not necessarily the synthetics we’re wearing these days.

Well, that’s about to change according to Hex, a new type of detergent that’s made to work with the modern fabrics in sportswear. The formula is designed to kill the bacteria in your sweat, which means that smelly workout clothes will be a thing of the past, whether you’re a SoulCycle devotee or all about yoga.

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Opening Image: @outdoorvoices