If You're Not Paying Attention to These Designers, You're Missing Out

You don't have to be in New York right now to get in on the action of New York Fashion Week and all the exciting, creative, and fresh ideas coming out of every show and presentation. And thanks to one famous insider, brands don't need to be from New York (or be American, for that matter) to leave a mark this month either. At least that’s the goal of Latin Curated, a project brought to fruition with the help of Marie Claire Creative Director and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia.

Latin Curated, as the name suggests, is the new pop-up store that houses collections that originate from all parts of Latin America and is open for the month of September in NYC. With a quick scan of the floor, you'll find designers like Atelier Crump, Inés Bellorez, and Mio Coral. If they don't ring a bell, don't worry—you're not alone, but Garcia is working to change that. "What I'm most passionate about is to bring these designs to New York," Garcia tells us about amplifying exposure for these established and up-and-coming talents.

A native of Colombia herself, this industry vet sat down with us to discuss why she feels so passionate about introducing Latin American designers to the U.S. and what makes them an especially unique group. The main takeaway? There's a rich history of craftsmanship in Latin American fashion that's simply not as well known in the U.S. Learning about the brands that are preserving these crafts is just the beginning. Visiting the pop-up—open now through September 30—is next. 

Scroll down for our conversation with Nina Garcia about where to look for new and unique inspiration this month that's not at any New York Fashion Week show.



Isabella Dorelli