The Chicest (and Maybe Largest) Straw Hats


Adam Katz/Le21éme

When it comes to large straw hats for the beach, the bigger, the better. We’ve rarely felt more elegant than we do with that oversize floppy woven creation atop our heads paired with an effortless French bikini and a cover-up. It really is the hat that makes all the difference, though, as we know that all eyes are on us when we first step our toes onto the sand. And the best part is? We can pretend we’re Kate Moss on the secluded beaches of the South of France, never directing our gaze above the brim-line.

But to channel Moss’s vacation style with a large straw hat on the beach doesn’t mean that you need to break the bank. From H&M, Free People, and more, we’ve rounded up tons of affordable options to master that most glamorous of summertime looks. That said, we’ve certainly been lusting after the runway style from Gucci, as well as that gigantic work of art that comes by way of Jacquemus—so if you’re in the mood to splurge, take a look at those as well. For all styles and at all price points, these are the large straw hats you need for the beach this summer. You will never feel more elegant that you will in this warm-weather accessory. We guarantee it.

While we might be buying these hats for the beach, it’s a sure bet that we’re going to be wearing them in the city as well. Who’s with us?