Meet the LadyGang Defining Powerful Style in a Whole New Way


Claire Leahy for Something Social 

What do you get when you mix three bold, outspoken women, a bunch of cool celebrity (and non-celebrity) guests, and a space where no topic is taboo? Some seriously laugh-out-loud (sometimes cringe-worthy), honest conversations that will make your days a lot brighter. If you’re still unsure of what we’re referring to, listen up because we’re here to tell you about a podcast that you’ll want to subscribe to immediately.

Back in 2015, three women—entertainment journalist Keltie Knight, actress Becca Tobin, and fashion entrepreneur Jac Vanek—came together to create LadyGang (quite a fitting name, right?), a podcast that covers what life is really like under the bright lights of Hollywood. Since then, LadyGang has appeared on Entertainment Weekly’s “Must List” list and won “Podcast of the Year.” 

Sometimes the beauty of a “nontraditional” job is freedom from the “rules” that come with a typical 9-to-5. And the women of LadyGang take full advantage of this, including the way they dress. Hosting a podcast that exposes the not-so-glamorous aspects of Hollywood requires a work uniform that, by traditional standards, is not so glamorous but equally as empowering as a suit.

“The beauty of the podcast (and half the reason we created it) is that we can show up in our sweats and no makeup,” said Becca. Keltie revealed to us some of her biggest “fashion crimes” while on the job. “Some of my crimes include never wearing a bra, clashing patterns, wearing the same clothes for a week, and coming in my gym clothes,” she said. 

When asked how they think feminism relates to personal style, each gave insightful advice we can all learn from. “I believe there is a lot of power in feeling like you look great. Confidence is everything,” shared Jac. Becca explained that a good way to claim your power is to “own who you are” and choose the clothes that make you feel your best. And Keltie had a similar idea, adding that whether it’s a miniskirt, sweatpants and no bra, or a pantsuit, you should always wear whatever makes you feel your best. 

And this is exactly what the women of LadyGang have been doing, and their success is showing no signs of slowing down. They are inspiring women interviewing equally inspiring people and, with each podcast, challenging the standards of “glamour.”

In LadyGang's latest podcast, someone near and dear to us joined them in conversation: our co-founder Hillary Kerr. Becca commented that Hillary blew their minds, adding, “She’s a pioneer, a visionary, and a total badass! Women like her paved the way for women like us.” 

Scroll down to see the women behind LadyGang, and listen to their latest podcast featuring Hillary Kerr. 



Claire Leahy for Something Social