Lady Gaga Just Went Hiking in Heels

Hiking in heels? That's a new one. For those of you who complain about the pain and inconvenience heels cause you in your day to day life, Lady Gaga basically just shut you down. While in Montauk, New York, with her boyfriend, Christian Carino, Gaga wore heels the one place the rest of the world would never dare wear them—on a hike in the woods. We will admit that the path Lady Gaga is walking on in her pointed-toe stilettos is the opposite of suitable ground for heels, but does it look like she cares? No.

Strutting down the trail as if it were her private runway, she complemented her nude pumps with an eye-catching crop top and slit maxi skirt. Basically, there is nothing about this look that we would typically promote as "hiking-appropriate," but we definitely don't hate the outfit overall. If you're thinking of trying this look out for yourself, maybe wear it to a cocktail party or brunch with the girls, but there is no doubt that seeing Lady Gaga hike in heels—we repeat, hike in heels—is the biggest inspiration we've seen all day.

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