How This Australian Hat Label Turned Into a Global Brand

Australian hat label Lack of Color launched back in 2011, and has since been spotted on more celebrities than we can count—including Vanessa Hudgens, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Gigi Hadid, and Chiara Ferragni. For an Aussie label, having your wares worn by an international celeb can help crack the notoriously tough U.S. market. Usually what happens is a label has representation via a publicity firm or in-house marketing team, and their job is to get big names to wear and support the brand. For Lack of Color, the process turned out to be quite simple. Vanessa Hudgens actually contacted the brand first about wearing some pieces to Coachella, and the rest is history.

Surprisingly, having Hudgens rep the brand wasn’t the breakthrough moment. It actually came a little closer to home, via the help of a then little-known photo sharing app called Instagram. Keep scrolling to discover who helped propel LOC into a global brand, and find out what the brands co-founders (and partners IRL) Tess Corvaia and Robert Tilbury, are cooking up next.


Lack of Color

Who What Wear Australia: How did Lack Of Color turn into a global brand?

Tess Corvaia and Robert Tilbury: Venturing into market sectors other than your own is always going to be a challenging process. You have to ensure both timing and your brand vision is exactly where you need it to be. Beyond this, ensuring you work with the right people abroad is essential.

The modern internet ‘movement’ is a very powerful thing, as we all know. Utilising these tools and listening to exactly what our customers want has seen the Lack of Color brand advance to the global stage.

Finally, keeping your creative vision in line throughout the growth of the brand is crucial, especially when it comes time to try the overseas markets. Having a clean, consistent trait that people can tie back to your brand is essential. We have always been loyal to our brand aesthetic and philosophy.

WWW: How do you find working together as a couple?

TC and RT: It’s amazing. We are able to continually bounce ideas off each other and I think creatively, it’s a very nurturing space to be around. We both have definitive strengths and work together really well because of that. It’s the best of both worlds—two brains are always better than one.


Lack of Color

WWW: What was your ‘breakthrough’ moment?

TC and RT: Back in 2011, one of our favourite fashion bloggers, Jessica Stein of Tuula Vintage wore one of our first designs and tagged us on a little photo-sharing app called Instagram (well before gifting bloggers was as rampant as it is today). From there on in, we started gaining a lot of traction—both online and through print media, bloggers, and word of mouth. We started to flourish into this go-to brand for hats.

WWW: Are there plans to expand the label?

TC and RT: We plan to keep Lack of Color hat focused. We are always continually expanding the brand into new areas and new markets around the world. We are currently working on a mini project within LOC ;). There are lots of exciting things happening.

We are also working on our clothing label which will be released in 2017 under another name. Stay tuned…

WWW: Who was the first celebrity to wear the brand? How did they find your label?

TC and RT: I think Vanessa Hudgens was the first major celebrity to wear our brand. She is so, so sweet! Vanessa emailed us asking if we could send her some hats to wear to Coachella. At first we didn’t believe it was her but later found out it was, and of course sent her some styles to rock in the Californian desert. I think she found out about us through a friend—her best friend is from Australia so I think that had something to do with it. Each season, we send Vanessa pieces from the collection, she seriously is so beautiful inside and out.

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