The Top Style Fashion Girls Won't Stop Wearing

We made our predictions for the trends that will blow up in 2017, and since then, we've already seen some of the top performers. While we're always about what's new to the scene and what's up next, sometimes established trends have a way of sticking with us and staying fresh. One perfect example of this is the lace-up top, which has been a fashion-girl go-to for a while but continues to maintain its place as a statement staple in our wardrobes.

Since lace-up detailing's initial resurgence—with every possible iteration hitting the runways in 2014—the trend has settled on tops, replacing button-down or plain fronts. Over the past couple of years, we've seen a variety of takes on the style, emerging to accommodate the changing of seasons as the trend proved its staying power. Most recently, the latest generation of lace-up tops to hit the market makes playful updates to the initial blueprint—experimenting with the material and the length of the plunge and exploring new territory by way of varsity sweaters and Oxford shirts.

Head below to see six ways to style the lace-up top and shop our favorites on the market now.

Opening Image: Fashion Me Now