How Kym Ellery's Style Evolved When She Moved to Paris

It only takes a few glances at social media to see that Kym Ellery, one of Australia's most successful fashion designers, was back on home soil for a short time last week for the exclusive launch of her second Ellery x Specsavers range of prescription glasses and sunglasses. Who What Wear Australia were delighted to chat to the now Paris-based designer, and in particular, discover the highs and lows of moving to France, and more on the deep inspiration behind the new Ellery x Specsavers collection.

With the success of her designs being recognised globally, it's no surprise to see her grace the international fashion scene in Paris with her talent (as much as we miss her in Australia). It's clear that Ellery has had an impact on every Australian wardrobe, not only in the flares, volume, and unique prints departments, but now also for the easily accessible and affordable pieces from Specsavers. So, what do we expect from the new range? The true Ellery signature: Bold with an architectural silhouette.

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Ellery x Specsavers

WHO WHAT WEAR AUSTRALIA: What glasses shape do you personally love to wear?

KYM ELLERY: "I love to wear lots of different shapes, eyewear can really change your look so quickly. I enjoy experimenting with different styles, as glasses are so transformative on the face. If my outfit is more on the androgynous side, I may opt for a more feminine style to balance the look, the square cat's eye are perfect for this. The same works vice versa too, of course. If I am wearing a dress I like to add a pinch of masculine, such as the metal aviators."

WWW: Which eye-wear designers are you inspired by?

KE: "I find myself to be more inspired by creatives wearing glasses and the persona they represent, such as Peggy Guggenheim and Iris Apfel. Both made their glasses an extension of self and iconic."


Ellery x Specsavers

WWW: How has your personal style changed since making the permanent move to Paris?

KE: "I have observed that French women certainly have a code of dressing. It is demure, effortless, and classically chic. I don't think my style has fundamentally changed since moving, except that now in winter I get to wear all of my coats! I still wear flares and a cashmere knit as a uniform, and have perhaps adopted a little French nonchalance by osmosis."

WWW: Has the move to Paris been easier on your brand or harder being away from home?

KE: "It is always challenging moving to a new city. Having spent the last 10 years building the brand from Australia, which is also a challenge, the company had grown so much that we needed to open an office in the northern hemisphere in order to support that growth. The time difference is probably the greatest challenge; however, I am loving living in the city of lights, which has always been my dream."

WWW: What era inspires your creativity the most and why?

Kym Ellery: "I'm very inspired by nostalgic silhouettes but my favourite eras are the sixties and seventies. I like to explore these eras through the lens of our brand, so it always has an aspect of modernity for balance."

Ellery x Specsavers available August 3:
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