While You Were Sleeping: The Buzziest Fashion Stories of the Week

Keep scrolling to catch up on the fashion stories that had our readers buzzing this week!

The Jenners continue to reign: Kylie Jenner caused quite a splash when she appeared in Interview magazine's latest issue clad in latex and posing in a wheelchair

No real surprise here: A study found that Kendall Jenner tops the list of the world's most valuable models.

Lampshading is in: Learn more about the hilarious celebrity style trend that's blowing up.

Not what it used to be: Find out which trends are taking off for holiday dressing this season, and which ones are falling by the wayside. 

Better you, made easy: Five simple steps can help you dress better in no time.

2015's most coveted items: These pieces all sold out insanely fast this year.

Rules, schmules. Everyone broke this so-called style rule in 2015.