Kylie Jenner Wore These 2 Trends on Her Birthday

Happy 20th birthday, Kylie! Though her official birthday is today, the youngest Jenner celebrated last night with a surprise bash set up by family and friends. With a hugely successful beauty line reportedly set to reach $1 billion by 2022 and her overall mature demeanor, it’s hard to believe Kylie just wrapped up her teen years. But she did, and she did so in style, though maybe not in the typical attire you’d expect a Kardashian to wear to such a celebration.

The rest of the Kardashian clan was very dressed up for the occasion, while Kylie was a bit more casual, which is fine because, well, she didn’t know she was going to be celebrating. According to People, Kylie “walked into the unexpected bash after attending her boyfriend Travis Scott’s concert with Kendrick Lamar at the Staples Center in Los Angeles earlier in the evening.”

Kylie showed up wearing an all-white ensemble, rocking a white minidress tied at the bottom, a white zip-up that she styled (in typical Kylie fashion) off the shoulders, and matching white sneakers—so simple yet she still managed to serve up some serious fashion inspiration. And though some of us may like more time to prep for a birthday bash, Kylie always seems to be camera-ready. We can’t wait to see what she’ll wear for the rest of her birthday celebrations.

Scroll down to see Kylie Jenner’s unexpected all-white birthday outfit.