Kristen Stewart Freaking Out Over a New Chanel Bag Is All of Us

Kristen Stewart has been in so many Chanel ads, it's easy to lose count. But her latest campaign still manages to be wildly unexpected. Her short video promoting Chanel's Gabrielle bag—named after Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel herself—surprises us simply because it is unlike anything we've seen from her before.

In the short campaign film released today, Stewart bangs on tables, flips off lights, and hustles around a dusty room. At first glance, it might seem like she's flipping out for no reason, but she's actually being inhabited by Gabrielle's very soul.

"What we landed on was ultimately the search for Gabrielle's spirit, and the sort of fight that you can have with the idea of someone disappearing," Stewart explained in a press release. "There's something eerie about the film, but it's ultimately exuberant."

While Stewart does have a lot of fight in the short, she does eventually settle down, but only when she puts on her Gabrielle bag and sees "Gabrielle" written on a window in dust. To be honest, a Gabrielle bag would probably calm us right down, too.

Take a look at the latest Kristen Stewart/Chanel collaboration below, and watch her search for Gabrielle's spirit.

video: Chanel

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