Of Course This L.A. Fashion Girl's Style Trick Involves This Rule

In the cluttered landscape of Instagram, there are plenty of cool fashion girls. But recently there is one who has stood out to us more than the rest. With her signature cropped bob, penchant for both feminine Dior dresses and Vetements streetwear, and command of L.A. style, Kristen Noel Crawley has mastered a look that feels uniquely her own.

Not only does she have killer fashion sense, she’s also a female entrepreneur who’s carving out a name for herself with more than a few projects under her belt. As a gallery owner, designer of KDIA Jewelry, and the woman behind KNC Beauty (whose cult lips masks you might have spotted on Emma Stone), she defines what it means to be a multidimensional career woman today. Ahead, she shares how North West inspires her style and why staying true to yourself is her number one style secret.

Go on to read our interview with Kristen Noel Crawley, and then shop pieces inspired by her signature style.