Yes, Your New Favorite Under-the-Radar Brands Can Be Found at the Mall

You might think that fashion trends move quickly in the U.S., where a look can debut on the runway of Fashion Week and inspire a slew of fast fashion iterations available to shop within a matter of weeks. But Korea might be even more speedy when it comes to new aesthetics. Or at least that’s according to the woman who’s helping to bring Korean street style to the States via one of the most popular mall brands, Nordstrom.

Olivia Kim, Nordstrom’s vice president of creative projects, is the insider behind the store’s three-part KPOP series, the last of which drops today. Aptly named KFASHION, the Pop-In within Nordstrom is stocked with adventurous, forward women and unisex styles by designers whose names you may not know yet, but should.

“There’s so much buzz and energy around Korea and Seoul Fashion Week, and fashion there is differentiated in how quick, energetic and youthful it is,” Kim says in a statement from Nordstrom. “They have an ability to grasp, absorb and adopt a trend and really embrace it, and then move on. The pace at which they’re doing that is really incredible, and it’s so much faster than anybody else.”

Including labels such as Hyein Seo, SJYP, Yune Ho, and KYE, the Pop-In store also offers up tons of new styling possibilities with its oversized silhouettes, statement ruffles, gender neutral streetwear, and plenty of layering options you may not have considered yet. Of course, the campaign images below will help kick your creativity into gear, too.

Scroll down for some of the coolest looks from Nordstrom’s new ode to Korean designers, and shop the complete KFASHION collection now through May 7.

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