The One Big Difference Between French and American Style


The Kooples

You don't have to be walking the streets of Paris to know that French girls do fashion differently. There's a certain ease to Parisian dressing that sets it apart. For French fashion company The Kooples, that aesthetic is part of what makes up the brand's DNA. But these days, fashion is a global affair, with American women and our counterparts in France craving the same trends to try. So when I had the chance to talk to the co-founders about their latest summer capsule collection, I wanted to know: How do American and French girls wear their designs differently?

The answer highlighted the idea that it's all about the styling. "The French are known for [the idea that] you can wear only two pieces—you don't need to add a lot. You see it a bit less here in the U.S.," said founder and Creative Director of Menswear Alexandre Elicha. "It's just a way of putting clothes together. Americans, they try more. It's nice because [in New York] they have really great style; they try things." So whether your preferred aesthetic is simple or something more fashion forward, all it takes is the right piece.

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