We Already Know What Kirsten Dunst Will Wear to Her Wedding


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We've seen Kirsten Dunst in the news more than usual recently, thanks to two exciting events looming in the actress' future. We know that she's planning her wedding with Fargo co-star Jesse Plemons. And if you weren't already in the loop on that, check out her stunning engagement ring.

Meanwhile, she's currently in the midst of promoting her newest film, Woodshock, with directors and Rodarte designers Laura and Kate Muleavy. Naturally, she's been wearing the sisters' designs to all of her Woodshock-related appearances and has been a long time fan of their label.

When Kirsten revealed what she'll be wearing on her wedding day recently, we were pleasantly unsurprised to find out that these two worlds are colliding for her. During a recent TV segment she told Kelly and Ryan, "It's funny because Laura and Kate Muleavy who do the clothing line Rodarte, who are the directors of the film that I'm promoting, they're making my wedding dress." 

If Kirsten's wedding dress is anything like the Rodarte pieces she's been wearing as of late, we already love it. Watch the clip below to hear what Kirsten Dunst has to say about her wedding gown.

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