Why Kirsten Dunst Could Be TV’s New Style Icon

It’s been awhile since we’ve been as enamored with a television character as we already are with Kirsten Dunst as Peggy Blomquist in Fargo. Premiering on Monday on FX, season two goes back to 1979 and introduces a slew of new characters, including Dunst, who plays “a small-town beautician with big city dreams,” according to a press release from FX.

Her character couldn’t have come onto the scene at a better time, given the ’70s revival that has claimed 2015. Curious to hear more about the fashion-forward Peggy Blomquist, we had the opportunity to speak with the show’s highly accomplished costume designer, Carol Case. Case filled us in on everything from her inspiration for Peggy to where she looked for pieces to create her authentic ’70s looks.

Scroll down to read about (and see!) Kirsten Dunst’s character’s style in Fargo season two, and to shop her signature piece!