Kirsten Dunst's Go-To Pair of Black Heels Is 10 Years Old

Finding a pair of party heels is a challenge, and that's putting it lightly. So when you find ones you love, that can stay on your feet (sans blisters or pinching) for extended periods of time, you cherish them and wear them as often as possible. We can safely assume that’s the case when it comes to Kirsten Dunst’s black ankle-strap Christian Lacroix stilettos that she’s been walking the red carpet in for nearly 10 years.

As Footwear News brought to our attention, the heels that the actress wore for last night’s Academy Awards were the same pair she wore in 2007 for the Met Gala, not to mention countless times in between. As an outsider, we can see how such a style is timeless—it’s black with a pointed toe, and that thin ankle strap can make a world of difference when it comes to support. Plus, Dunst is a known fan of repeating red carpet outfits she loves. Clearly the lady cherishes the most special pieces in her closet, and we totally respect that.

Scroll down to see Dunst’s Christian Lacroix shoes, worn 10 years apart.

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