The Girl Behind the Met's Instagram Has the Coolest Eclectic Style

Kimberly Drew's résumé looks nothing like that of your average 26-year-old. Not only is she the social media manager for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, but she also founded the popular Black Contemporary Art Tumblr page; is the mastermind behind the @museummammy Instagram account, which boasts over 112,000 followers; conducted the Instagram takeover of the White House's South by South Lawn festival hosted by the Obama administration last year; and recently launched an incubator for black artists.

But Drew has an eye for more than art. In addition to being a compelling tastemaker in that world, she's making a splash in the fashion realm. Her sartorial sensibilities showcase an eclectic style, often a mix of bright colors, bold prints, and quirky pieces, like her "orange dress and alligator loafers" immortalized in The New Yorker. The best of these stylings can be observed among the art imagery and social commentary featured in her Instagram feed. From polka-dot sundresses paired with color-block Converse to retro sunglasses and bodacious furs, the Jersey-born New Yorker's wardrobe is so covetable you may wish she'd curated your closet.

See below for some snapshots of Kimberly Drew's eclectic style.