People are Calling Kim Kardashian's New App "Genius"

Kim Kardashian West has just announced a project she's been working on for a year and a half, and the ever-cool fashion entrepreneur Kristen Crawley has dubbed it ‘genius’.  In an effort to advance in shopping technology, Kardashian West has found the answer to the biggest shopping dilemma: no longer will your screen shots of lust-worthy outfits you find on Instagram be wasted. With her new Screenshop app, you can upload any screenshot or picture and the app will generate the most similar looks instantly.

In a recent interview with Forbes, Kardashian West shared the key to her success in building her business empire, “if it's a new project I’m working on, I have to have major ownership and major input, there's nothing I would do if I didn't have creative control.” 

Whether you shop frequently and keep up to date with seasonal trends or take time in investing in your wardrobe, it's a smart way to build your wardrobe with pieces you actually love.

Keep scrolling to see the app in action and download it free.


Ever-cool fashion entrepreneur Kristen Crawley has just dubbed it ‘genius’.

Upload your favourite outfits and products and it will generate a collection of similar products under all price ranges. 

Opening Image: Getty Images

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