Kim Kardashian’s Push Present Makes Us Think About Our Own


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Recently, Kim Kardashian made the non-surprising declaration on her website that she wants diamonds as a push present following the impending birth of Baby West #2.

“I like the idea of a push present—after nine months of pregnancy it's a sweet and well-deserved thank you... This pregnancy, I would love a Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker. Too much? LOL!” 

We think she’s onto something—any excuse to dream up a next-level present is okay with us. Keep scrolling to see what the Who What Wear Australia team would wish for.

“I’m all about organisation but only in style—this is to make sure life remains elevated while keeping to the schedule of a baby.”

Delicia Smith — Chief Sub and Production Editor

“My first instinct for a push present was the new Mini Cabrio, but I’m not sure a baby seat would work in the back… So I picked out this understated and elegant rose gold and topaz necklace. There’s nothing more lovely than receiving jewellery from your man, and its classic design means I’d wear it for years to come.”   

“I think this would be the ONLY time I could get away with asking for an $8,800 dollar ring. So why not try my luck?.”

Amanda Stavropoulos — Fashion Editor

“I assume with a new baby, my life would be all about luxurious travel—which obviously calls for luxurious travel accessories. I think at $5,600, this Louis Vuitton suitcase is a bargain compared to Kim’s wishful thinking—plus, the cost-per-wear is so worth it.”

Lauren Powell — Lifestyle Editor

“This is one of those pieces I’ll put on and never take off—so when my life suddenly goes from zero-100, my accessories game will still be strong.”

“Is it weird that I would want a handbag? Sure, this one isn’t exactly baby-friendly—there aren’t any pockets to keep nappies in for a start—but you can wear it cross-body. I figure that’s one tick for practicality.”

What would you ask for as a push present? Share in the comments below!

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