Here's What a Photoshop-Free World Would Look Like

The world has been doing a lot of talk about Photoshop lately. There was Keira Knightley's recent, bold move to allow Interview magazine to shoot her topless only if they promised not to retouch the images at all, and Kim Kardashian's latest nude turn on the cover of Paper has everyone wondering just how Photoshopped her body was. (According to Paper editor Kim Hastreiter, very.)

In the fashion industry, Photoshop is less a topic up for discussion and more a sraightforward fact of life. Those of us who work in and around the industry simply accept that most if not all of the images we're bombarded with every day are retouched, Photoshopped, and edited beyond belief—the reason being that in fashion, we are selling a fantasy. In other words: Reality doesn't sell. 

There's nothing wrong, inherently, with selling a fantasy to people—unless you present that fantasy as an achievable reality. Hence why Photoshop and other forms of image retouching, especially when it comes to women's bodies, is so problematic. We women see more female bodies on display every single day than we can even attempt to keep up with, whether it's Kim Kardsahian's naked form, Keira Knightley's breasts, or a plethora of other barely-clothed celebrities and models—and these images are not openly described as being artificial or anything other than the way these women really look. 

Unfortunately, this can have incredibly negative effects on girls and women of all ages. When we see other women's seemingly perfect bodies on display, we think that is the reality of the situation, and immediately compare that reality to our own. Comparing a fantasy to a reality is almost never a good idea, especially when one's sense of self-worth and confidence is concerned.

To celebrate the reality of women's bodies instead of continuing to uphold the fantasy-as-reality that messes with our minds, we've done some digging and procured 10 unretouched images of beauties like Kim Kardashian, Cate Blanchett, and more. Keep scrolling to see what a Photoshop-free world would look like!