This Video of Kim Kardashian West's Diamond Rings Is Insane

Last month, Kim Kardashian West debuted a new, possibly larger diamond ring to complement her already-massive engagement ring. We peeped the new ring, which Kanye gifted to his wife, at the MTV Video Music Awards, but we've yet to get a better look—until now. 

There's a video floating around the internet in which Kim flaunts both gorgeous diamond rings, showing just how enormous and brilliant they are. While both rings are graded D Flawless (aka the rarest and most expensive diamonds) and larger than life, Kim's cushion-cut engagement ring is reportedly five carats smaller than her new 20-carat emerald-cut stunner. E! News confirmed that the reality star's new ring is from Lorraine Schwartz, the same designer behind her engagement bling, but further details are being kept under wraps. Can you imagine wearing 35 carats of diamonds on your hands? We can't—but we'll marvel at Kim's gorgeous rings.

Feast your eyes on Kim's two Lorraine Schwartz rings up close in the video below.

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Opening Image: Alo Ceballos/Getty Images

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