Kim Kardashian's Maternity Dressing Advice for Chrissy Teigen

LOL: Kim Kardashian, BFF to new mom-to-be Chrissy Teigen, recently gave her some advice concerning how to dress a growing baby bump. “I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do,” Teigen told InStyle at a La Mer event in Los Angeles. “Kim [Kardashian] told me to go stretchy for everything, so I’m going stretchy.” Seems like a good plan to us; after all, it’s certainly worked for Kim. [InStyle]

A new take on Twiggy: Lena Dunham covers the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar, re-creating Twiggy’s iconic face-in-turtleneck pose. In the issue, Dunham talks about everything from her new Lenny Letter newsletters to how it feels to be in the fashion spotlight all the time. “Cool is when you do whatever the fuck you want,” she says, adding, “I don’t feel cool now, and I certainly don’t feel cool when I go to industry events. If I do feel cool, I see a picture of myself later and I’m like, ‘That was a disaster.’” [Harper’s Bazaar]

Both sides of the sartorial aisle: Designer J.W.Anderson has been nominated for both menswear and womenswear designer of the year by the British Fashion Council. [Fashionista]

OMG, this is just insane: Bet you never knew these crazy facts about everybody’s favorite beauty mecca, Sephora. [Byrdie]

The true reason you’re always so tired: A new study just came out detailing why you feel fatigued, and no, it’s not just a lack of sleep. [MyDomaine]