The World's Biggest Models Wear These Sneakers Nonstop

It's no secret that fashion models have some of the best style in the world. As such, we tend to keep pretty close tabs on their sartorial happenings to pick up on all the latest trends. When we spot something being worn by more than one of them, it’s a pretty good indication that the item will end up in our shopping carts.

The latest item to do so is Kenneth Cole’s Kam Sneakers. Gigi Hadid just stepped out at the airport in her pair, opting for embroidered boyfriend jeans, a sheer top, and a choker to complement them. However, we quickly realized that a slew of other models have donned the same pair, from her BFF Kendall Jenner to Hailey Baldwin and even Miranda Kerr. After doing some digging, we realized these models have been wearing this shoe style as far back as September 2015! It’s totally understandable why, though. They’re the perfect classic pair of white leather sneakers, versatile enough to be styled with everything from a lacy dress to a moto jacket and jeans. Plus, they’re only $120!

Keep scrolling to see the many ways these models have worn this shoe style and shop the sneakers for yourself!

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