Jewelry 101: The Best Metal Colors for Your Skin Tone

If, like us, you try to look at every purchase as an investment, you probably also like to carefully consider your options before deciding what to buy. This holds especially true when it comes to today’s subject: jewelry. One thing we’ve found that helps make the decision easier is keeping in mind that it’s wisest to choose the item that’s most flattering. Why? Because the better you look in something, the better you’ll feel in it and the more likely you'll be to wear it often, thus bringing down the price per wear. 

When it comes to clothing, the quest to find what’s most flattering often has to do with body type, and when it comes to jewelry, we’ve found that it’s best to consider your skins tone and undertones. With that in mind, we reached out to jewelry designer, expert, and entrepreneur Kendra Scott to give us the lowdown on which metal colors are best for each kind of skin undertone, warm or cool. Not sure what your skin tone is? Luckily for you, our friends at Byrdie have come up with these easy hacks for figuring it out.

Scroll through for Kendra’s tips and, of course, to shop the best jewelry picks for you!