Kendall Jenner Paired Controversial Leggings With These Controversial Shoes

Remember last year when we alerted you to the controversial legging trend that celebrities were endorsing? To refresh your memory, the trend was white leggings, and according to Kendall Jenner's latest look, the trend is still going strong. As you can imagine, white leggings are not the easiest leggings to wear, but Jenner made them at least a little more accessible at a party in Los Angeles last night by pairing a capri version with an oversize sweater.

But Jenner's controversial look didn't stop there. She went with a shoe style that is equally controversial with leggings: strappy stiletto sandals. The look is definitely not for the faint of heart, and white leggings probably aren't the first thing that most people think to wear for a night out, but per usual, Jenner pulled it off sans effort.

Keep scrolling to see Jenner's controversial look, and shop white capri leggings if it leaves you inspired to try it IRL.