How Kendall Jenner Is Redefining Winter Boots

One of the best parts about dressing for winter is rotating through our favorite boot styles to literally elevate every outfit. Though we’ve seen some surprising shoe choices make it into cold-weather ensembles this season, ankle boots remain the standard, but one style star is not entirely on board. Leave it to Kendall Jenner to go against the sartorial grain and show off some surprising stand-ins for your typical winter boots.

Jenner is challenging the norm with boots in shocking materials as well as socks-with-sandals combinations that create boot-like silhouettes but aren’t even boots at all. In Paris, she stepped out in spring collection booties made of caged woven leather, pairing them with leather zip-up leg warmers for an over-the-knee effect. Over the holidays, she pulled off something of a trompe l’œil, wearing black ankle socks with heeled sandals for the illusion of ankle boots. Courtside, Jenner has continued to experiment with her shoe stylings, sporting fishnet tights and transparent high-heel boots.

With every opportunity Jenner had to define her winter shoe game, she made a point to switch it up with a series of unexpected styles, proving there’s more than one way to outfit your feet for cold weather.

Keep scrolling to see some of the ways Kendall Jenner has been redefining winter boots, and shop the pieces below.