Is This the New (Old) Way to Wear a T-Shirt?

There should be a picture of Kendall Jenner in the encyclopedia under the word "trendsetter." The braless trend, the sock boot trend, the legging trend, and the naked dress trend (just to name a few) all have Kendall Jenner roots. To sum it up: She wears what she wants—with confidence—and many follow suit.

The latest Jenner-approved look is one that we've all worn: untucked T-shirts with jeans. Sure, it doesn't sound particularly groundbreaking, but as you're probably aware, tucking in your T-shirts has been the go-to way to wear them for quite some time (how else are you supposed to show off that logo belt?). But Jenner is shaking things up, and she's pairing her jeans with untucked tees. While not as polished as the tucked-in look, if you're seeking a chill '90s vibe (or just want to be comfortable), you're in luck—we wouldn't be surprised if untucked tees started trending again, thanks to the It model.

Keep scrolling to see a couple examples of Jenner wearing the look, and shop cool graphic tees.