Should We All Button Our Jackets the Kendall Jenner Way?

Kendall Jenner has an insane closet, so it’s no surprise she’s on our watch list when it comes to celebrity trend spotting. She’s spearheaded major fashion trends that you’re most likely sporting today (from athleisure to naked dressing), and she always finds a way to make wardrobe basics look incredibly chic.

Just yesterday, while out with her older sister, Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall styled the Canadian tuxedo with a pair of sleek black ankle booties. But there was something different about her ensemble that immediately caught our eye. If you look closely, you’ll notice something is a little off about how Kendall buttoned her jean jacket.

But we’re calling it: She’s officially found the new, fashion-forward way to button a jacket. It seems as though the model has purposely missed a few buttons, transforming a traditional jean jacket into one with a high, asymmetric neckline that hangs slightly longer on one side. 

So next time you're looking for a seriously simple trick to instantly up the cool factor of your jacket, take note from Kendall and miss a few buttons. 

Scroll down to see Kendall Jenner's complete look, and to shop some denim jackets so you can test out Kendall's new styling trick.