Kendall Jenner Just Pulled Off This Difficult Trend

Wearing socks with shoes is just one of the ingenious ways fashion girls tackle winter dressing. By pairing cool socks with shoe silhouettes otherwise intended from warmer weather, you can get another season out of your favorite pair of sandals or mules while stepping up your footwear game.

As much as we’d all like to get behind the trend, pairing socks with shoes can be a tricky endeavor. There’s no question certain types of socks work better with certain styles of shoes. Kendall Jenner pulled off the bold trend effortlessly, sporting black ankle socks with her lace-up leather sandals. It was the perfect solution for making an otherwise summery shoe December-ready and from a distance created an intriguing trompe l’œil. It isn’t until you take a closer look that you realize Jenner didn’t simply step out in some go-to black ankle boots.

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