Study: This Is Exactly How Powerful Kendall Jenner Is on Social Media

Raise your hand if you follow Kendall Jenner on one or more social media platforms—that's just about everybody, right? There's no denying her influence, but now we have the data to show how much reach she actually has. 

The analytics company D'Marie found that Kendall Jenner is ranked number one out of the 8000 fashion influencers in its database. The company measures the monetary value of influencers' social media portfolios and determined that the top 2% of influencers (which includes Jenner) are "valued above $225,000 per post across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and their posts can generate a predicted return of 14-16x the investment." In other words, Jenner is hugely valuable to advertisers. 

How did D'Marie come up with these numbers? Its analysis involved much more than just follower counts, though that's a major factor. It also looks at metrics such as sales conversions, click-through rates, and engagement (i.e. shares). The below flow chart details some of her other impressive statistics, including average retweets. 

Scroll down to see a social media summary for Jenner, and go a bit further to shop some of her most stylish Instagrams!


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