The Only 3 Sneakers Kendall Jenner Is Wearing This Month

There are certain tried-and-true staples of the It-girl wardrobe—especially when it comes to footwear. Sneakers and ankle boots (not to mention the occasional out-of-left-field silhouette) are mainstays of this fashion formula. The former has long been a fashion-girl favorite no matter the occasion.

Kendall Jenner is one It girl in particular who has always endorsed the sneaker to finish off any ensemble, most recently demonstrated by her wearing barely any other shoe style during this latest fashion week circuit. The model was seen pairing sneakers with everything from tweed mini two-pieces to tracksuits topped with fur. Despite the pragmatism of her fashion week shoe game when rushing around from show to show, there’s no denying her propensity for sneakers perfectly plays into the on-trend streetwear look.

Keep scrolling to discover the three sneakers getting Kendall Jenner through fashion month.