Kendall Jenner Wore Mom Jeans and a Fanny Pack—Thoughts?

Kendall Jenner basically reinvents herself on a daily basis as of late, sartorially speaking. One week she's wearing naked pants at the airport, the next she's wearing a Sandy from Grease look at Cannes, and the next (as in, today) she's wearing mom jeans on the sidewalks of NYC. And not just slim mom-inspired jeans. We're talking full-on high-waisted, baggy, tapered, and cropped mom jeans, similar to the ones your actual mom might've worn in the '80s. But the '80s-inspired fun doesn't stop there. Jenner chose a fanny pack (albeit a Chanel one), a tight white turtleneck adorned with sweet Little House on the Prairie flowers, and stark white shades and sneakers.

The beauty of Kendall Jenner's style is that she takes risks, keeps us guessing, and rocks whatever she's wearing with confidence. If she wore the same type of safe look every day, the world wouldn't follow her style as closely as we do. Her latest '80s mom look is just another example of how she keeps things fresh every day.

Check out Jenner's look below, and shop it for yourself (because it's officially cool now, right?).