Someone Please Explain What's Going On With Kendall Jenner's Sleeves

The coolest fashion stars in the world are not people whose every outfit is a resounding success, but those who challenge us with their bold sense of style. Kendall Jenner has been going for the latter, and the latest example comes from her sleeves.

Stepping out this weekend, Jenner wore oversize black jeans belted at the waist to create a cinched paperbag silhouette and white ankle boots by Kurt Geiger. But if you’re anything like us, your eye darted immediately toward the lengthy sleeves on her Milly sweater-and-blouse combination. They practically wrapped around Jenner as she walked.

For anyone who’s ever tried to wash their hands or pass a plate across the table in statement sleeves, you may understand why these sleeves are so confusing. They’re definitely the kind you’d wear for a great photo and not, say, for anything that requires you to be near water, around an open flame, or to sit close to the ground. But considering Jenner’s already stepped outside the box with her surprising way to wear a slip dress and her penchant for jeans that are practically invisible, this look is yet one more example of this style star’s daring POV.

Scroll down for a closer look.