Kendall and Gigi Are Pioneering This "Polarizing" Trend

Name a few of the most influential celebrity trendsetters, and it's probably Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid at the top of your list. The duo (along with their equally famous siblings) can't run even the most mundane errands without the rest of us taking note of what they're wearing. And, in part, that's thanks to their pioneering stylist Monica Rose.

But, while we can easily predict that some of the duo's favorite trends (like lampshading) will easily take off, others have a fate that's yet to be determined. The latest trend the duo has yet to quite sell us on is headlighting—wearing a high-cut bodysuit with low-slung pants so that their hips (but not their entire midriffs) are revealed. The result is eye-catching, but definitely not for everyone.

Read on to see the 2017 trend Gigi and Kendall are pioneering, and to shop pieces inspired by their ensembles.