Kendall Jenner’s Favorite Color Is Incredibly Flattering

If you've been following Kendall Jenner's style choices as of late (who hasn't?), you've probably noticed a pattern. While many A-listers revert to classic colors like black and white, Kendall has been loving olive green recently. That's right. Whether she's out and about in Los Angeles or at an event, KJ consistently wears this specific hue. And we totally understand why. While it's not technically considered a neutral, it basically is—every color in the spectrum pairs well with it. Plus, it's totally flattering and looks good on every skin tone.

Feeling inspired to incorporate more of the color into your wardrobe? Keep scrolling to peep at how Kendall wears olive green and keep going to shop our favorite picks of the moment too.

What do you think of the olive-green color? Do you wear the hue? Let us know in the comments below!