The Fall Trends Kendall Jenner Is Already Wearing

Kendall Jenner was just named Fashion Icon of the Decade by The Daily Front Row’s Fashion Media Awards, which at 21 years old, is no small feat. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and despite her age, she’s been developing her sense of style for years, and we’ve all been there to bear witness.

Lately, Jenner has stepped up her sartorial game even more by taking bigger and more frequent risks than ever and trying new looks, all the while staying true to her cool statement-making aesthetic.

So it’s not surprising that Jenner started wearing a number of fall trends before everyone else (as in, during the height of summer). Now that fall is finally within view, Jenner has fully embraced the upcoming season’s biggest trends, and we’ve been keeping track. There’s no better celebrity to look to for fall style inspiration right now.

Below, get inspired by eight fall trends that Kendall Jenner is already wearing, and shop our picks for each (we’re pretty sure that Jenner herself would approve of them).