Kendall Jenner on the "Best Way to Go Braless"

Kendall Jenner has been anything but shy when it comes to sharing where she stands on the braless debate. Earlier this year she weighed in on the issues in a post on her website. "I really don't see what the big deal is with going braless!" she wrote. "I think it's cool and I really just don't care! It's sexy, it's comfortable and I'm cool with my breasts. That's it!"

Just this past week, she took to her website to make her stance on the subject clear again. Her number one reason to invest in a bodysuit "rn"? "It's the best way to go braless." Jenner has repeatedly demonstrated both her love for bodysuits and her penchant for forgoing the bra while sporting them. Though she's been seen in bodysuits for a while, she wrote in the post, "Bodysuits are my latest craze. Whether they're sucking in a post-pizza belly or acting as a bra (buy them tight!), they prove fashion can be functional."

Keep reading to shop Jenner's best bodysuit looks and let us know where you stand on the braless debate!