Kendall Jenner Is Ditching Skinny Jeans for These Instead

Skinny jeans and a crop top used to be the staples of the model-off-duty wardrobe, epitomized by none other than Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. But Jenner has been rotating in some other looks of late, abandoning her old outfit formula for a very different combo. "I go through stages with my off-duty go-to looks," the model wrote on her site. "Last year, I was all about skinny high-waisted jeans with crop tops but, recently, I've been loving baggy high-waisted jeans with vintage tees." During this most recent fashion week circuit, the outfit formula has become Jenner's signature. Running between shows in New York and Milan, she's debuted an impressive collection of vintage T-shirts and has consistently paired them with loose-fitting denim. The sartorial strategy is certainly more relaxed than the styles she was all about last year. "It's easy and comfortable, but also feels fresh."

Keep scrolling to see Kendall Jenner's new off-duty outfit formula in action.

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