Meet the Athleisure Line You'll Want to Wear Every Single Day


Simone Nehra

Designer Katie Nehra is the latest to tap into the athleisure market with her newest collection launch, Nehra Simone. But make no mistake, while this cool new line technically falls into the "athleisure" category, the pieces in the range are only partly inspired by athleticwear. In fact, its design formula is described as "99% leisure. 1% athletic."

The collection boasts a variety of fashion-forward sweatpants, stylish varsity jackets in a slew of different colors, and über-cool cropped hoodies. There are also a standout pair of red leather shorts and some knit overalls. Basically, it's chock-full of pieces you'll want to wear every single day for every occasion.

Given the opportunity, we just had to tap the designer about some of her favorite ways to style the pieces in this collection, from the shoes she thinks look best with sweatpants to her go-to travel uniform.

For Nehra, a pair of Air Jordans "always look good with any kind of athleticwear." But if you're in the mood to dress up sweatpants a bit, maybe for a night out, the designer suggests styling them with heels, a pairing she says always look cool.

As for a go-to airport outfit, Nehra recommends scooping up the OG Sweatpants ($285) and adding them to your travel outfit rotation ASAP. "They remind me of vintage Champion sweatpants, you know, the kind you can't wait to put on when you get home," she says. "They're really comfortable, and they would be great to wear to the airport because they also look chic." Now, read on to shop our favorites from the new collection.

Opening Image: Nehra Simone